Bet365 Enhances Compliance with Extended GiG Comply Deal

Bet365 Enhances Compliance with Extended GiG Comply Deal


Online gambling giant bet365 has reaffirmed its commitment to marketing compliance with the recent extension of its existing deal with GiG Comply.

Bet365 first deployed the tool in the spring of 2019 to become the first of several tier one online gaming and sports betting companies to adopt it after its launch by Oslo- and Stockholm-listed gambling group Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) in 2018.

GiG Comply is an automated, self-service tool that allows gambling operators to monitor marketing compliance. For instance, the GiG Comply technology helps operators detect any compliance issues in the marketing campaigns carried out by their third-party affiliate partners.

GiG rolled out its marketing compliance tool as gambling regulators around the world become more and more proactive in adopting strict compliance rules, more and more sophisticated in spotting compliance violations, and more and more stringent in penalizing those that breach compliance rules.

Through its recently extended deal with bet365, GiG Comply will be able to support the gambling operator as it looks to meet heightened and heightening criteria in regulated markets and multiple jurisdictions, including the UK, US, and across Europe.

Bet365 boasts presence in some of the world’s biggest markets and, as most of its rivals in the industry, has been focusing a great amount of its attention on expanding across regulated US sports betting markets.

Growing from Strength to Strength

Commenting on their extended GiG Comply partnership with bet365, GiG Chief Executive Officer Richard Brown said that they are very excited to continue their successful partnership with the gambling operator as their relationship grows from strength to strength.

As mentioned earlier, bet365 was the first of a growing number of tier one gambling companies to have signed up to GiG’s marketing compliance tool since its launch in 2018.

Malta-headquartered gambling group Kindred was, too, among the early GiG Comply adopters. The elite group of sports betting and gaming operators to have opted for the tool also includes Betsson, British bookmaker Betfred, and SuprNation, among others.

Bet365 deployed GiG Comply’s self-service technology at a time when it was preparing to enter New Jersey’s regulated online gambling market. Through a partnership with Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the European gambling operator launched a sports betting website in the Garden State just days ahead of the NFL season in August 2019.

Through GiG Comply, bet365 is able to check for the presence or lack of notable terms, images, and promo links and whether age gated games or code red words are included within a promotion carried out by any of its affiliates.

GiG Comply also helps bet365 and the rest of its clients identify when brand mentions and keyword connotations violate terms and conditions and rules in one market or another.

Source: GiG’s marketing and compliance tool GiG Comply, starts the new year with major contract renewal with bet365

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