Azure Tech Becomes Yggdrasil Franchisee

Azure Tech Becomes Yggdrasil Franchisee


Provider of online casino content and software for the iGaming industry Yggdrasil has recently extended its partnership with Azure Tech and has signed a Franchise licensing agreement with the Asia-focused online gaming supplier.

This is the second Franchise licensing agreement signed by Yggdrasil in recent weeks as the company looks to further grow its Publishing division, which it launched early this year.

Azure Tech is a rapidly emerging online casino content provider, which focuses on delivering games to the Asian iGaming market.

With a dedicated IT structure and a tailored BI service, Azure Tech aims to supply clients with top-performing titles and elevate customer experience and engagement to the next level, while boosting operators’ profits.

Azure Tech was the second iGaming provider to sign a Franchise deal with Yggdrasil within a single month. Yggdrasil announced a similar partnership with Flow Gaming, another Asia-focused content provider.

Benefits from the Recently Signed Franchise Deal

Under the terms of its Franchise licensing deal with Yggdrasil, Azure Tech will gain access to its partner’s entire end-to-end game development process, its YG platform including the new, standardized GATI (Game Adaption Tools & Interface) product, as well as to in-game promotional tools via Yggdrasil’s BOOST solution.

As an Yggdrasil Franchisee and thanks to the GATI technology, Azure Tech will be able to source and offer its own gaming content for delivery across targeted markets. The iGaming studio will additionally be able to collaborate with other Yggdrasil Franchisees around the world and thus jointly accelerate geographical reach and drive revenue growth opportunities.

Joining Yggdrasil’s growing list of Franchisees, Azure Tech will also be able to significantly accelerate its business strategy as it will be able to take greater control of its operations, scale up marketing opportunities, and optimize its content roadmap.

As mentioned above, Yggdrasil’s YG Franchise proposition is part of the company’s recently launched Publishing arm that aims to offer clients “the key to its kingdom” in the form of all the tools and solutions B2B companies need to build and manage their business.

Aside from the Franchise program for platform IP licensing, Yggdrasil’s Publishing arm also includes YG Masters for game development and distribution, and YG Game IP for game IP licensing.

What Management Says about the Deal

Of their partnership with Yggdrasil, Azure Tech COO Cora Chen said that they are very excited to become an Yggdrasil Franchisee and that they “cannot wait to realize the potential of the GATI technology, to start collaborating with other Franchisees, and having full access to their best in class slots and table games.”

Head of Yggdrasil Publishing Björn Krantz said that they are “absolutely delighted” to sign a Franchise partnership with Azure Tech and that with their new Franchise offering, “Azure Tech will be able to scale its go-to-market operations and accelerate its business strategy in a way they did not think possible.”

Of their GATI technology, Mr. Krantz said that it is a disruptor technology that enables their partners to cross-sell their games to any of their global Franchisees to rapidly scale distribution and revenue opportunities, while generating completely new ways of working and collaborating.

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