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Darknet Markets Can’t Live With — or Without — Bitcoin

When many people think of Bitcoin, they think of the dark web platform Silk Road — one of the world's notorious digital marketplaces upon which vendors sold illegal products in exchange for BTC. 

But bitcoin might not be the ideal medium of exchange when it comes to privacy, as the Bitcoin blockchain can provide critical transaction evidence to law enforcement officials. This recent article explains the intricate relationship that has formed between the world’s most significant crypto asset and the dark web. 

Why African Countries Lead in Bitcoin Searches and What It Means for Adoption

The African cryptocurrency space has been abuzz lately, with the rest of the world beginning to turn to the continent as the next frontier for cryptocurrency adoption. Binance Research recently revealed that there has been a surge in the number of Google searches for “Bitcoin” in Nigeria and South Africa, thus sparking the speculations.

Searching for context around this research, Bitcoin Magazine spoke with Marius Reitz from cryptocurrency exchange Luno and liquidity provider BitPesa, on the rise of cryptocurrency interest in Africa and what it might mean for adoption.

Why Bitcoin Is the Perfect Haven for Argentines in This Economic Crunch

For decades, Argentina has had issues with economic development — the Argentinian economy has either been declining or growing at an unsatisfactory pace.

This economic development or lack thereof has led to many losing trust in the country’s fiat currency. Instead, Argentines have focused their attention on the U.S. dollar. Hoping to curb this reliance, the government announced a restrictive forex policy that limits the amount of USD its citizens can purchase. This reduction has led to questions for those who seek alternative ways to preserve their wealth. 

In this piece, we look at why and how Bitcoin can rescue Argentines in this difficult period.

Coinkite Publishes Everything You Need to Build Your Own Coldcard Wallet

Coinkite, a hardware wallet manufacturer, has released a manual for people who would like to build their own versions of its latest Coldcard wallet.

Speaking with Bitcoin Magazine, Coinkite chief executive Rodolfo Novak said, “We encourage advanced users to make a unit themselves and publish their findings, it's one of the best methods to verify our code/hardware.”

The firm is hoping that, by helping people take charge of their own asset storage, it can provide a forum for improvement, as feedback and user actions will be leveraged to help make its platform better. 

Video Review: Ledger Nano X

Ledger's Nano X is a formidable hardware wallet, but what makes it stand out? With a neat package, a much slimmer body than most of its predecessors and an innovative Bluetooth connectivity feature, the Nano S has all the makings of a  leader in the bitcoin storage space. With this comprehensive video review of the device, you'll learn what makes this cold wallet a must-have for bitcoin investors.

Video: Tone Vays on Technical Analysis and Bitcoin Regulation

Bitcoin Magazine caught up with Tone Vays, one of the most popular analysts and derivatives traders in cryptocurrency, at the Transylvania Crypto Conference in Cluj, Romania. The man, who has drawn some ire from many for charging 0.3 BTC (about $3,075 at press time) per hour for consultancy fees, spoke with us at length (free of charge) about technical analysis, Bitcoin regulation and more.

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