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Questions and Answers on William Hill Bookmakers

What odds would i get for my 4 year old son to play for england at the world cup when he is older?

Posted by codykian
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Probably something like 10000-1, william hill are a bookmaker in england who actually specialize in laying bets like this and they once had to payout a lot of money on a similar situation.

Do all Coral shops give three times the odds for one winner on a lucky 15 ?

Over the last couple of days I've had a couple of single winners on lucky 15s and been paid treble the odds.
I was expecting double as that's what Coral seem to give online and that's what I get elsewhere both online and in shops.
Is it a special offer or have they always done it?
I usually bet online for best odds but on bigger prices I reckon it would be worth it.
Any ideas please?

Posted by stickyfingeredurchin
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It might be because there's a lot of competition with other bookmakers in your area or they might be aping William Hill with their 'January Sale' malarkey.
I queued all night outside my local William Hill's on New Year's Eve. I thought I might get a leather sofa for a tenner!

William hill share price summer.?

Do you think the share price of William Hill will rise due to the World Cup etc.

Posted by
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Why not have a look at share price graphs and see what happened during the last two or three world cups. My personal feeling is that shares of bookmakers will not do anything special just because of the world cup. There are big events happening all the time so, in that respect, betting on the world cup will be no different to normal business. Bookmakers are pretty skilled at coming up with the right odds to make a decent profit from any and every event.

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