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Questions and Answers on Online Bookies

Best beating bookie online?

Looking for the best ranked online beating bookie, Just curious since we have the NFL, and the Baseball playoffs going on right now.

Posted by Czer
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Idk how you're going to get a bookie online, you should just place your bets online. Here are the sites I suggest.

ncheels322.. Hit me up anytime for betting advice.

How do I find a non-online bookie?

I just want to bet maybe $10-20 per week. How do I find a bookie who ISN'T on-line for that sort of thing?

Posted by Crosby
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Go to the nearest sports bar & ask around.

Best Online bookies?

Whats your personal favourite online betting site? Upto now ive found to offer the best odds and was just wondering if u know of any better sites and also any sites that offer odds of more than 100/1 on the new york lotto pick 2? Cheers.

Posted by Kevo2k7
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Don't know about the lotto pick thing but VC bet (Victor Chandler) I found was the best site for betting, for all sorts of things, also the easiest to use and if you bet a min £5 bet you can watch the horse race on your pc if you login 5 mins before the race…

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