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Isn't an immature guy like Sreesanth with his stupid antics, always an easy target for the bookies?

Posted by DesiBoy .•*¨*`•.¸☆
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I think Sreesanth just got it into his head, much like Mohd Amir, Salman Butt or Mohd Asif. Very few South Asians, particularly those from the poorer or middle class backgrounds, can handle fame and fortune with maturity. They work hard and overcome terrible obstacles just to get famous but unfortunately, don't develop the maturity and poise required to handle success. Once they shoot into fame, and make in a few days the money entire generations of their families haven't been able to in years, they lose control and go haywire. For shady characters and bookies, such players are a godsend, as they are very vulnerable and are willing to do anything to retain their hard won fame and the luxurious lifestyle that it brought with it. All too often, it comes crashing down, destroying the players lives and career forever.

Do you also think that famous Australian leg spinner Shane warne has become a bookie?

Shane warne forecasting was Australia and Pakistan will qualify from the second group.

So, My question is "Will Australia loose tomorrow's match against Pakistan to make money for the Shane warne's company?"

BA Guaranteed !!

I see that there is a troll who has been impersonating me here. Ladies and Gentleman the innocent and real Singham is back for a short time. Lol

Ata maaji satakli ~
kind of frenzy — mein wo Singham hoo jo hindi bhi bolta hain.. Hahaha
Kind of frenzy — People can copy my name. But, It's hard to copy my mind. Lol.

Posted by Baji Rao Singham
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"Has become" – you must be either kidding or joking. He is a confirmed bookie all along.

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