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Australia batters bookmakers –

Australia batters bookmakers This is our worst racing loser of the year so far by a considerable margin.” William Hill were another firm to take Australia on in the morning, Kate Miller saying: “We're facing close to a £5 million payout after Australia's win. Every type of punter was on the favourite…more

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Questions and Answers on Bookmaker Payouts

Question a about payouts on bookmaker & sportsbooks in general?Ok Ive really havent used them before – I won last weekend and requested a withdrawl – I sent by west union – and asked for withdrawl by west union – they debited my account almost immediately and said call tuesday they should have the info – today they said check back friday –

was wondering what peoples experiences are? Are they gonna make me jump through fire hoops to get my money – supposedly it does say 7 to 10 business days – but Why does it take that long as I can send money to them in 30 minutes ?

Someone explained why checks take so long to get as they go through 3rd party payment processors and they have lots of checks to print and mail – and it takes time so I guess its a little understandable – but in the case of west union all you need is a senders name and the money!

I just want a timeline and them to stick to it – dont say friday if your not going to send it on friday -was wondering what peoples experiences are – is getting the money going to be a big hassle or do you usually get paid from bookmaker and other sportsbooks in a timely manner?


Posted by Mrs. BonBon
[display_name id=”0″]I've never had an issue with BookMaker, but that doesn't mean it won't happen from time to time. As someone else said, if you do live in the US, it is illegal and sometimes they will run into issues. Just keep after them and I honestly believe you'll have your money soon.

However, if you continue to have an issue, you can always go to Http://… . They are very good at working with you and the sportsbook to get any issues resolved in a timely manner. Best of luck.

How do soccer bookmakers determine odds and payouts?

Posted by Roger T
[display_name id=”0″]They do the same thing as other sports bookmakers do. The odds aren't based on how big the team is favored over another team they are based on what point spread or points for the over under are needed to try to get approx. Half the players betting to bet on either side of the line. If Chelsea is playing Manchester City the oddsmakers know that every one would bet on chelsea to win thats why they make Chelsea favored by say 2 goals that way the better has to decide if they will win by atleast 2 or not then you will get more people betting on Manchester City cause even though they are not near as good it is still hard for a soccer team to win by 3 goals in order for you to win a bet on Chelsea. Payouts are determined by the odds. If you do pick the Point Spread you will usually make about 91% of your bet because the oddsmaker takes a % for his commission or juice. Usually for every 10 bet on the point spread you will win 9.09 so you will get 19.09 back on a 10 bet. The money line is based on how big the difference is in the teams on the point spread it it is to big they wont even have a money line because they dont want o give away money on say Ohio St. Vs Bethune Cookman. They know as well as you do that Ohio St. Is going to win so they dont put money line on the game they make you decide if Ohio St. Is going to win by 35 or not. questions?Under the FAQ –
Do I have to submit a new Credit Card Authorization Form every time I use my credit card?Answer:No. However, before any payout is processed, you will be required to complete and fax (1-888-473-9257) a Credit Card Authorization Form and documentation for each card used.

Does that mean before everytime I want to get paid I have to fax that form? Or before I deposit money?

I'm a member of bookmaker, but only 17, therefore I haven't made any bets on it since I'm not of age. But will they really know? I've been getting phone calls from them every now and then leaving messages telling me to call them back, but I never do. What are they about?

Posted by ctom_20
[display_name id=”0″]You only have to submit the forms one time, and it is for your own protection. They just verify that you are the one who authorized the charges, and they are ensuring that the right person is getting the payout. Their policy is 18+, but I'm sure there have been others younger who have used their site. Sometimes, BookMaker will call to offer you a special bonus if you deposit that day. You can get some great deals this way, but if you don't want them to call you, just tell them to remove you from the call list.

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