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Starting my own bookmakers?

I was interested in opening up a bookmakers shop in my local town. Does anyone have any information or websites that would put me in the right direction for this?

1) How do you get a bookmakers license and how much

2) How much of a float would you need to get the business running

3) Is that duty 1% of bets received or payouts

4) Any useful links?

5) Any other info?


Posted by Derek
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By law you need to be at least age 18 to be a bookmaker. legit website?

I want to payout and they're requesting back and front scans of my cc, I mean they also want an authorization form with all my details lol so yeah I guess what I'm asking is it a legit website (no scams) — I heard a lot of good things about it that's why I used it I'm just trying to make sure.


Posted by ?
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Bookmaker is a great site! Check the full review at Http:// where you'll also find additional tips on how to securely deposit and withdraw. The code DAGUS will also ensure you receive their best current bonus. Hope this helps.

Horse Betting Payout?

This is kind of a silly question, I'm fairly new to horse betting. I've just placed a few bets on bodog.

My question is when you win a 'win', 'place', or 'show' bet do you get your wager money back + the payout or is it included? Like for example if a favorite won the payout is around 2.10 to 2.50 or a little more. Now I won a couple bets and I'm pretty sure on my $2 wager bodog only paid me .40, (a $2.40 payout). So like my $100 bank was now $100.40? Instead of 102.40

Again probably a dumb question but I'm sure someone can answer it. So do bookmakers keep your wager on horse bets? Cause I know with sports betting I get my wager back + the payout.

Posted by TBoi08
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On a $2.10 payout you made $.10 and yes you get ur $2.00 back ex. You bet a horse at 4 to 1 to win and he does you will get $8.00 + your 2 back so he'll pay $10.00 and some change.

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