Bookmaker Payout Problems

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 Questions and Answers on Bookmaker Payouts
I'm in Florida, US. Where could I place sports-bets ?I've recently moved here from Europe, where we have many places for sports-betting, including the option of gambling online.

Now it's the NBA finals time, and I'm wondering where could I find a place for sports-betting?
Are there online websites in the US? Are there agencies ?

Posted by johns
[display_name id=”0″]You have only a couple of options, as we obviously don't have betting shops like Europe. 🙁
1) Find a local bookie. This is not always a very reliable method, as unlike the movies, it's more likely that you will have to break the bookie's kneecaps rather than the other way around. They also typically offer lines with loaded vig. The advantage is the ease of funding your bankroll.

2) Use a reputable offshore sportsbook online. This is the option that I have chosen, and while you still have to be careful with who you do business with, your options are much greater and odds are better. I got stiffed by the first book I ever used, about 7 years ago. This caused me to do my own research and choose some reputable options. I have posted my reviews on a website to help others avoid being scammed. They are posted at Http://

Here is a quick rundown of a few of my favorites…
5Dimes (Http:// Best odds

Intertops (Http:// Low minimums, large selection of sports to wager on, fastest check payouts.

Legends (Http:// Great deposit bonus, and best customer service.

BookMaker (Http:// Best sports betting site, high limits, and frequent bonus opportunities.

Each of these sites offers something that makes them great. All of them are very reputable, and have great service. You won't run into payout problems if you use a P2P depsosit/payout method, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Good luck!

Where can you bet legally in basketball and football? Is betus legal?If horse betting is legal than basketball and football has to be legal. It wouldn't make sense if one was not.

Posted by yair
[display_name id=”0″]Betus is legal, but is not the best choice, they had problems with payouts. Bookmaker is good and is USA welcome. You can find more info about it here Http://…
Deposits for US players with debit cards are suspended from the banks in US so you have to use all access visa gift card or Echeck.

Is there a reputable website for betting sports?I'm hearing about a lot of problems getting paid on winning bets and am wondering who's got the best and most trusted website.

Posted by 2shoes
[display_name id=”0″]I personally use a few different ones for different sports and different types of betting. There are independent reviews, written by me, at Http:// I've been using these sites for 10 years, and I know which ones to use and what sites to avoid! All of these sites offer great sports betting offerings, exciting casino games, and exceptional poker play. The recommended sites all offer excellent customer service, security, and easy deposit and payout methods. In addition to the certified independent reviews, you will find free sports picks, betting tips, and much more.

My favorite all-around sports betting site is Http:// They are the first ever offshore sportsbook, and offer the earliest betting lines, which is important to me, free payouts, and they won't kick you out for having a winning season! Use the bonus code NBACASH for their absolute best deposit bonus!

If you want the site that is easiest to deposit into, then Http://…. is what you are looking for. They have great service and offer eCheck deposits, and easy credit card deposits too! They will also pay you via electronic check for free. This link qualifies you for a huge bonus 🙂

For variety in wagering offers…like stock markets, reality shows, and world sports, you may prefer Http:// Intertops was the first online sportsbook ever. They are good for recreational bettors, and offer free bankwire payouts once per month.

Diamond sportsbook, Http:// , offers early betting lines, dimeline wagering for baseball, and professional action is welcome. Also, if you enjoy casino action as well, you will enjoy using the highest certified payout percentage of %97.9! DSI welcomes American clients and special bonuses when you use the bonus code MLBCASH

Some popular sites with frequent and numerous complaints for stealing funds and extremely long waits (6 months) for payouts, and horrible customer service include….


And too many others to list 🙁

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