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Bookies/betting question?

On their pitch at Cheltenham, one bookmaker had written '£2000 liability'; can someone please explain this.

Also, are bookies openn to bets which the punter suggests? And how would such odds be calculated?


Posted by Emma
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This particular bookmaker will only take bets that will take £2000 out of his satchel. For instance he would take a bet of £100 @ 20/1 but he would not stand a bet of £200 at 20/1.

Bookies in general set the odds to make their book. It is up to the punter to shop around to get the best odds.


Where do I find a bookie to bet superbowl.?

I would like to start betting sports.

Posted by
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If it's just for the Super Bowl, look for a friend who wants to bet the opposite side. If you want to continue to bet on sports, after the Super Bowl, I would look for an offshore sportsbook. I've been burned by local bookies, because they don't have enough financial backing. I crush them, then have to hound them for my cash. I haven't had to do that for years, now that I use reputable online sportsbooks. You will find independent reviews of the best sports betting sites at Http:// Good luck!


I do not understand them at all, but i was looking at the Big Brother bookies on favourites to win. And luke had 33/10.

What does this mean and is it good? X.

Posted by fxxxxxx
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It means if u bet 10 dollars u get 33 back, and its decent.

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